Live digital experiences connecting New Zealanders to our fallen heroes. Auckland War Memorial Museum

Cenotaph Roadshow Live / Digital

In March of 2015, Orange collaborated with the Auckland War Memorial Museum (AWMM) to create the first ever live digital event connecting New Zealanders to AWMM’s Online Cenotaph to commemorate 100 years since World War One.

To bring to life the concept of The World Loves Football, we built a custom built interactive stages with multimedia ball motif. The ball, made up of the flags of the nations attending the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015, swirled and dipped through the air during transitions and stings. Cutting edge multi media transformed the stage area into incredible performance, ceremony and speaker modes.

Orange created the fantastic travelling roadshow tactical unit - a custom built trailer unit that travels to third party events and deploys anywhere in the country.

Introducing the ADU

The key to bringing the Online Cenotaph to life was the creation of the ADUs - the Artefact Digitising Units. There are two type of ADUs:

1 Artifact Digital Units – ADU (in RSAs and Museums, see below)

2 Portable ADU – ADU Lite (for the roadshow unit)

Using a 3D camera, it allows families to digitally record wartime treasures, like letters, medals and photographs, for others to see. The Cenotaph now holds about 130,000 records, and can be accessed at AWMM and online globally.

Bringing a digital asset to life and creating profound emotions

The Cenotaph is for everyone: so our user experience (UX) is for everyone. No matter your digital literacy, you can interact with the ADU.

There is a box of tissues positioned in reaching distance of the ADUs because of the power of the connection to a loved one or a soldier who lived in your street. It’s one of those projects that matters.