The largest festival of Pacific culture in the world is
all about family.

Pasifika Festival

In August of 2014, Orange was appointed the event delivery partner of Pasifika, the annual festival bringing to life Auckland’s vibrant Pacific Island communities by ATEED. The festival sees around 60,000 people enjoying eleven Polynesian villages food, performances and craft.

In 2015 the annual festival (running for 23 years) took place over two days (14 and 15 March) and repeated the format which was re-designed in 2014 to improve visitor experience and broaden appeal.

A Fruit Fly In The Ointment

Two weeks before the event was due to commence, a fruit fly outbreak broke out in Grey Lynn, home to Western Springs where Pasifika has been held for 22 years. The Ministry of Primary Industries acted to protect New Zealand’s fruit growers. We had to move Pasifika!

Orange always have more than just a Plan B. We went to Plan H. The entire event had to be moved and completely redesigned to suit a new venue – Hayman Park.

2015 was a knock out. 60,000 people had an absolute ball. We’re hard at work and looking forward to Pasifika 2016 back in it’s spiritual home in Western Springs.